Collective Studio Development

The material in this section is based on the intro stage of our Baby Ghosts program. It is designed to help you build a studio that is sustainable, equitable, and aligned with your values – from the ground up.

Actionable Goals and Values

This article explores how to actively integrate foundational values into every aspect of studio operations, ensuring they shape your collective work culture.

Co-op Studio Structures and Value Flow

An in-depth look at the cooperative structure in game studio development, focusing on its principles, operational dynamics, benefits, and challenges​​.

Collaboration and Process Development

A discussion of the nuances of decision-making and conflict resolution in a studio context, with a focus on achieving consensus and effective governance in a co-op structure.

Decision-Making and Prioritization

This article looks at the elements of collaboration, process, and tool development in a collective.

Telling Your Story

Learn about practices like collaborative journaling and communication to develop deeper connections, align values, and create a more impactful and cohesive narrative that extends beyond your product.