Business planning for impact

Business planning is often neglected by indie video game studios, who are more focused on getting this game out the door than making plans for the next. On top of that, most game studios are not explicitly oriented around social outcomes, so they may be less rigorous in analyzing their long-term goals. A business plan is a critical document for impact-oriented studios because you’ve set some concrete goals (and if you haven’t, start here), and need a realistic way to go after them.

With a business plan in hand, the information you share with potential clients, partners, investors, and the public is backed up by values, goals, and social and financial diligence.

We will provide a starting point if you have never created a business plan or have already written one and need to reframe it for your intended social impact.

This article assumes your goal is a sustainable, profitable, impact-oriented video game studio. If that doesn’t apply to you, you might not need a business plan right now. Carry on!

So let’s break down the what, the why, and the how!