Exit strategies

For traditional startups, the exit is everything! It’s the key outcome founders seek. But that’s not you. 😉

It might seem weird and pessimistic to plan for the end of your studio. But it is part of how you can take responsibility for the lifecycle of your studio. Who benefits when your studio is bought by Streamberry? Who ends up with your IP and community infrastructure?

Here are some situations where you might face an exit:

  • Someone might want to take over the enterprise (maybe even a co-founder).
  • You might be so successful you want to sell off the business and start something new.
  • You might want to retire! haha
  • If the app you make or service you provide becomes something your community depends on, you might want to transfer ownership to your community. One option is an ”exit to community,” an intentional plan where ownership is transferred to a community that manages and benefits from it. This means the studio stays in the hands of those who built it.

Investors will want to know how you think about your exit strategy. Especially if your financial returns are not high, they will work with you to structure a deal that considers this. Please put it in your business plan.