The how

Planning to plan

We’ll repeat it: Before you get to keyboard clacking, complete your results flow and impact measurement framework. They are essential resources for your plan. And having them will make certain sections a snap to write!

Another consideration is who should be included in the drafting, editing, and finalization processes.

If you’re a small team with little hierarchy (maybe a co-op?), everyone should be included at some point. Do a draft, then pass it to the team for their edits and feedback. Consensus is a must.

The CEO or founder(s) may write the first draft in a larger studio. Engaging the development team, marketing and community managers, board members, legal and compliance folks, financial specialists, or business analysts is still crucial. If you have the budget, it’s worth considering hiring external advisors such as impact consultants, diversity and inclusion specialists, or industry experts.

Feeling daunted? We’ve created a template with section checklists you can use to get started. No one likes staring at a blank page. Check it out here.