A SWOT analysis identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that apply to your studio.

StrengthsInternal positive attributes of your studio that give you an advantage over others.Strong brand identity, unique art style, financial security.
WeaknessesInternal challenges or shortcomings that may hinder your success.Tight budget, platform dependency, skill gaps.
OpportunitiesExternal factors you can capitalize on.Growing market in a specific region, collaborations, community engagement.
ThreatsExternal challenges that could negatively impact your studio.Oversaturated market, economic downturn, changing player tastes.

Identify and SWOT comparable studios. Select two or three studios whose structure, games, or success reflect your aspirations, and conduct a light SWOT analysis on each of them. Look at Steam pages, web sites, social media, and industry tools like VG Insights. No need to write paragraphs – a succinct point for each category is enough.

SWOT yourself. Conduct an analysis on your own studio. Identify two or three key points for each category.

Summarize your position amongst your peers. What gaps did you identify, and how will you fill them? How do your strengths stack up against your dream studios’? This assessment will provide a clear understanding of your competitive landscape.