How will you deliver your games? Your business model is your plan for generating revenue. Will you sell games directly to players, rely on in-app purchases, or try a subscription model? Consider post-launch support, updates, and community engagement events that can add longevity to your games and encourage player loyalty.

Describe how you will fund your projects, team, and mission. For an impact-oriented studio, there’s a delicate balance to strike between social outcomes and financial objectives. Without financial sustainability, you’ll be hard-pressed to achieve your ultimate outcome.

How does your structure support your model? Your studio’s legal and organizational structure plays a huge role in how you operate and pursue your social goals. Are you a sole proprietorship, partnership, traditional share corporation, co-op, or non-profit? Learn more in our article Business Structures for Impact.

Reflect: How have we integrated our social impact goals into our operational strategy? Does our organizational structure support our social impact objectives?