A cooperative approach

Experiment with the format.

It doesn’t have to be a dry Google doc! We know some folks love Notion, and other tools like Canva and Miro can help you visually lay out your plan. Keep in mind who you aim to share it with and make sure the format is accessible and readable for them.

Reward and make collaboration frictionless

It’s not just for the bosses. Consider how easy it is for your team to access and make changes to it. Invite regular feedback and updates and make it a pleasant experience. We use shared a shared vault in Obsidian, and track Markdown files through Git.

Build review cycles into your internal schedule and processes.

It’s only useful if you use it, and that means updating, changing, and adding as you learn what is working and not with your studio. We recommend reviewing your plan every three months, and updating your Measure section with data from your IMF.

Consider radical transparency.

Make it public. Publish it and show how it has changed over time. Allow others to clone or fork it on Github!