What’s a results flow?

So, let’s take a closer look at a tool for planning and measuring your studio’s impact: The results flow, also known as (or similar to) a theory of change, logic model, or results chain. This tool will help you visualize the chronological (and logical) sequence of events – from activities to outcomes – that lead to your ultimate desired impact. It’s a visual roadmap that illustrates what you need to do and what you expect to achieve.

The cool thing about a results flow is that it can incorporate all of your studio’s goals and activities, not just those oriented toward social impact. It also:

  • Helps us predict what actions we need to take and resources we need to move towards our intention logically and visually.
  • Is the basis for measurement, and a way to ensure your whole organization is on the same page.
  • Is an agreement between partners, workers, creators, and the communities you work with on what success looks like and what you want to achieve along the way.
  • Is a compelling story for everyone you want to support you (your team, investors, players, media, the public).

We’ll guide you through the process of developing your own results flow. First, we’ll clarify some key concepts, then walk you through crafting your intended impact statement, drafting an ultimate outcome statement, and creating your results flow through backward mapping. We’ll also get into how to inventory your activities, refine your diagram, and evaluate its realism and logic.

This guide, aimed at folks just embarking on their impact journey, will give you some practical advice and clear steps to help you on your way. We hope it will lead you to think deeply about the impact of your games and how your studio operates.

So, let’s start developing a results flow for your studio!