Reflecting on your results flow

You’ve refined your results flow – now it’s time to evaluate it. You’ll check the realism and logic of your diagram and identify the outcomes you will hold yourself accountable for achieving.

Checking the realism and logic

Start by considering the feasibility of your plan. Ask yourself: Are the proposed activities likely to lead to the expected outputs? Are the connections between activities, outputs, and outcomes logical and realistic? Will we be able to secure the resources we need to pursue these outcomes?

For example, if one of your activities is “Developing games that feature LGBTQIA+ characters and narratives,” and a short-term outcome is “Players gain exposure to diverse characters and narratives,” consider whether this activity will realistically lead to this outcome. Will your target audience likely play your games and be exposed to diverse narratives? What will you do to engage this audience directly?

Also, consider the logic of your outcomes. Do your short-term outcomes logically lead to your medium-term outcomes, and do those logically lead to your long-term outcomes? For example, does gaining exposure to diverse narratives logically lead to developing empathy and understanding (a medium-term outcome), and does that logically lead to advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion (a long-term outcome)? Consider the nuances that need to be present in your work to lead to each outcome.

Identifying outcomes you will hold yourself accountable for achieving

Next, decide which outcomes on your results chain you will commit to achieving and, therefore measuring. This is about setting clear commitments and holding yourself accountable.

For example, you might decide to hold yourself accountable for the short-term outcome of “Players gain exposure to diverse characters and narratives.” This means you would need to find ways to measure this outcome, such as through player surveys, feedback, discussion forums, and app analytics.

Remember, it’s okay to adjust your results flow based on this evaluation. The goal is to create a roadmap that is both a realistic plan and a valuable tool for accountability.