Refining your results flow

Once you’ve drafted your results flow (woo! 🙌), you can further refine it. Let’s talk about it.

Identifying necessary resources

To pursue your outcomes, you’ll need to ensure you have the right resources in place. Think funding, hiring artists, audience data, and the right graphics cards for your team. Reflect on each activity and outcome in your results flow and ask yourself: Do we have what we need to make this happen? If not, what’s missing, and how can we secure it?

Considering activities to start or stop

You might realize that there are activities you’re currently doing that don’t contribute to your ultimate outcome. Or, you might identify new activities that could help you achieve your desired outcomes. This is a time for honest evaluation and (potentially) tough conversations. Don’t be afraid to stop activities that aren’t serving your goals or start new ones that will. For example, you might decide to stop certain marketing activities that aren’t reaching your target audience or to start a new partnership with a community organization that offers support your team can’t alone. (Like our partnership with Gamma Space to deliver the Baby Ghosts program).

Prioritizing what is necessary now

While planning for the long term, figuring out what to do now is also crucial. You don’t need to implement every single column/pillar in your results flow right away. Instead, prioritize the activities and outcomes that are most urgent or doable in the short term. This will help you conserve and build up energy and resources, putting you in a better position to tackle your long-term goals.