Inventorying your activities

Inventorying your activities is next – don’t worry, we’re getting close to actually creating your results flow! This step involves identifying your studio’s different core activities and understanding the outputs associated with each activity.

Identify your activities

First: List all the different activities that your studio does or offers. Think game development, porting services, writing articles, education and outreach, researching, or developing relationships with communities. Think beyond game production — what other types of tasks and projects do you or want to do?

Once you have a complete list, whittle it down to your primary 3-5 activities. (Don’t stop doing the rest. We’re just identifying which activities are central to your studio’s operations and impact.) Ask yourself: Can some activities be combined? Are there activities that are essentially part of the same process or aim at the same outcomes?

Understand the outputs

Label the associated outputs for each core activity you’ve identified. For example, if one of your activities is game development, the output is a published game. The output could be a completed client project if you’re offering porting services. If you’re writing articles, the output is a published article.

Your outputs are the tangible results of your activities that lead directly to outcomes. They are the evidence of your work and the first step towards making your intended impact.

The goal of inventorying your activities is not just to have a list of what you do but to lay the groundwork for mapping these activities to your intended ultimate outcome. This understanding will help you refine your results flow and ensure that your actions will lead to your desired outcomes.