In conclusion…

We’re so proud of you for taking this step toward understanding and planning the social impact of your indie game studio. By developing a results flow, you’re mapping the path from what you do to actually changing the world and creating a vital internal tool that will guide your actions, help you measure your progress, and hold you accountable. Your players, investors, and community will actually love you for it.

You’ll revisit, revise, and refine your results flow as your studio grows, as you learn more about your impact, and as the ecosystem changes (because of you!). It reflects your studio’s values, and you should share it with the world!

We hope we’ve inspired you to think ever more deeply about the impact of your games and how you make them. Embrace the whole process, refer to your results flow regularly and let it guide your core work.

In the next article in this series, we cover creating your impact measurement framework.

We can’t wait to see the impact you’ll make!

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Warm thanks to:

  • datejie cheko green of Gamma Space for coining the term “results flow” to replace the term” results chain.” We adopted this term to avoid imagery associated with white supremacy and underscore the fluid rather than rigid nature of the links between outcomes.
  • And the support of Lift Philanthropic Partners for their impact training