Building Your Own IMF

Before getting into more detail about each of the above elements, let’s set you up with a template so you can start roughing your information.

If you want to use a spreadsheet, you can access our template here: Impact Measurement Framework - Blank Template (Google Sheets). Select “Make a copy” in the File menu to save a version to your Google Drive. If you prefer Numbers or Excel, you can download your copy and import/open it in one of those applications.

At Weird Ghosts, we use Airtable to manage our IMF. Airtable is similar to a spreadsheet application but works more like a database and includes powerful features like data modeling, automations, and custom views and interfaces. You can use our template here: Impact Measurement Framework. Click “Use template” at the top, or for a sneak peek first, click “Explore the base” then “Copy base” in the bottom left corner.

Let’s start adding some info!